The Austrian quality brand HÖGL combines skilfully seasonal trends with maximum foot comfort. The strongest assets of HÖGL are carefully selected materials and production experience of over 70 years. This is why the brand’s shoes and boots are both beautiful and comfortable. In the HÖGL store, SALAMANDER loyalty club members receive a 5% discount on all full-priced products.

Home & You

Home&You is the flagship store of an international retail chain in Estonia.

We offer a variety of home furnishings at reasonable prices for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to make your home feel comfortable. Our product range includes bed covers, bed linens, decorative cushions, plaids, table covers, curtains, towels, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils and accessories, luminaires, vases, candles, picture frames and different decorations.

New products every week!


House is an optimistic and joyful fashion brand for men and women, students and adolescents, for everyone who values trendy clothes and wants to find something to show off their individuality. Our stores offer you up-to-date and contemporary fashion at affordable prices.




I.L.U. knows your most secret desires and has created its selection according to your needs.
It is easy to find your favourite brands here and discover new pleasant surprises from well-known and beloved brands across the world.
We offer products for everyday use as well as elitist luxury for women and men. The I.L.U. experience is made perfect by professional and pleasantly discrete beauty consultants who will help in finding the perfect products for you.

The store also features the BeautyBay Hair Studio where professional hairdressers and hair stylists offer their services every day.


iDeal is the largest Apple official reseller in Estonia, established in 1993. iDeal stores in Tallinn and Tartu are the only stores in Estonia with an Apple Premium Reseller status, and our official Apple Service Center is our preferred customer service partner to date.
Our goal is to be the best Apple product expert and reseller in Estonia.
Our incredibly knowledgeable service staff will help you with any question!


Imaginarium – the most beautiful toy store in the world?
Imaginarium is so much more!
It is the most specialized chain of toy stores in the world with 340 outlets in 30 countries and offers education, entertainment and the highest quality and safety guarantees for parents and children.
Society Imaginarium, S.A. was founded on October 7, 1992 and its founders were professionals with extensive experience in toys and trade. Félix Tena Comadrán, the current President of the Society, has chaired it since its inception.
Right from the start, we at Imaginarium have set ourselves two main goals:
First, make sure your kids have more and better fun.
Second, and not least, to promote the development and learning of children of better quality.
As a result, our company strategy has been based on values that significantly differentiate us from our competitors and provide great value to our customers (or “guests” as we like to call them).
Educational value
Entertaining value
Without gender discrimination
No aggressive content
In addition, Imaginarium products have been awarded the Itsmagical Warranty, which certifies the teaching of values to children – both educational and social – and forms an exclusive collection that is updated twice a year.
In this way, our company laid the groundwork for the development of a whole new concept of a specialized, expert-led store, as well as a new, efficient product placement concept that maximizes all technology applicable to retail needs.


You can buy Ülemiste Centre gift cards and get information about the stores at the information desk. The information desk will store lost-and-found items, and you can also charge your mobile phone here.


Our INSTRUMENTARIUM eyewear store offers you suitable glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. Your eyesight will be checked and your glasses will be prescribed by an optician and an ophthalmologist. You will be welcomed by friendly staff and quality products. Loyalty card owners get a 10% discount on all optical products at full price and the eye examination.


Here you can send and receive postal items.
More information available at smartpost.ee

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