Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde is an Italian family-owned company that has been producing natural cosmetics for over 40 years. Palazzo Massaini in Toscana is Bottega Verde’s birthplace and home, with red grapes and olives, lavender and oats grown in sunny fields for the most popular product lines throughout the years. All plant extracts are separated on site during a natural process to maintain their active properties.
Bottega Verde offers a range of products for face, body, hair and foot care, bath experience, makeup and nail care, for men and babies, abundant gift sets for Christmas. Products reach our store directly from the manufacturer, at prices that anyone can afford.


Brain Games


Brain Games (former Ludo Board Game Store) offers the widest selection of board games in Estonia. Our goal is to promote the board game culture in Estonia and offer great moments filled with board games and good company!
Our product range includes board and card games, classic games, outdoor and skill games, puzzle makers, poker equipment and much more to excite young and adult gamers. One special feature of Brain Games stores is that there are many open game specimens available in the store, and that they can therefore be played on-the-go and be taken home.

Play! Think! Enjoy!



Every parent wants to offer the best for their child.
Therefore, the design and production processes of all Britton products have the highest priority in terms of safety, comfort, innovation and new trends.
The Britton product range offers you almost everything you need for your baby’s safe and happy life.


Bugatti shoes: Classic and athletic shoes for everyday use for a trendy person. Bugatti values the comfort and quality of the materials and offers all of this at affordable prices. Bugatti: The epitome of European fashion.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers jeans, leisure clothes, watches, sunglasses, bags and more. In particular, the jewellery and lingerie of the cult brand are characterised by a minimalist, simple, sexy and trendy style.

Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear brand is well known all over the world with a high level of design, quality, and comfort. The brand store offers a wide range of stylish and iconic underwear for men and women from the newest collections. In addition to underwear, there is a choice of nightwear, bikini, swimwear, and socks. See you in the Calvin Klein Underwear shop!

Camel Active

Camel Active store offers clothes and shoes for men who appreciate fashion, comfort and, above all, quality. The collections are designed with a focus on versatility. Three different styles are represented: city, travel and sports. This is the world of men!

Camp David

CAMP DAVID: German brand of men’s clothing created in 1997. In addition to the casual fashionable collection of modern urban clothing, CAMP DAVID also features a high-tech line for people who appreciate active sports, travel or holidays.

SOCCX is a high-fashion women’s brand that is characterised by a unique style, contemporary lines and a joyous spirit. The indispensable details characterise the SOCCX style and define the brand’s character.

DNA: feminine, intelligent, self-confident.

CCC Shoes & Bags

The CCC Group has nearly 1000 stores and offices in 19 countries, both in Europe and beyond. CCC has more than 20 different shoe and bag brands. The versatility of models and styles gives you the ability to choose shoes for every occasion.
Favourable prices and a wide range make our products affordable for everyone.
Everyone will certainly find shoes that suit them in our CCC store – our shoe models range from elegant and festive to casual and athletic shoes.

Change Lingerie

Change is a Danish lingerie and sleepwear brand that aims to give women an opportunity to be themselves in their individual femininity. The store offers both trendy colours and practical and functional clothes, as well as luxury and glamour in both materials and style. One special feature of Change is a wider range of traditional sizes, offering bras of 60-105 cm in width and cup sizes from A to M. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the suitability of different models and sizes. The store offers a free professional bra fitting service. Gifts purchased from the store are wrapped free of charge. Electronic gift cards available.

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