Barber Shop MRoom Mens´ Hairdresser

M Room is a fully-fledged service for men. No reservation needed. Our unique service concept includes all men’s care services ranging from hairdressing and shaving to relaxing M Extra treatments.


The Bastion customer is a woman who carefully chooses and values quality clothing. The quality of Bastion products is higher than the average standard of the European market, but the cost of the cost of the designer clothes is considerably lower. Bastion materials and clothing are of high quality and last for many seasons.


The Danish watch and jewellery brand BERING is inspired by archetypal and minimalist design.
Watches are made of durable materials such as sapphire glass and ceramics that provide
a very long lifespan. The jewellery collections have been designed with a unique system of rings, where a simple turning method has the ability to replace intermediate rings with new ones, creating a suitable combination.

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The wheel parks next to the main entrance of Ülemiste Centre and by the Suur-Sõjamäe entrance, have universal nozzle bicycle pumps, which are suitable for pumping bicycle, children’s pushchair and wheelchair tyres.


Biomarket is dedicated to the following principle: eco is accessible, ordinary and natural. We believe that with ecological products becoming more easily available, people’s food and living environment will become healthier and more joyful. Biomarket stores have the biggest and most exciting assortment of eco, local Estonian food, health and wellness products in Estonia. We offer products made of chemical-free raw material without artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives and flavours, caring for the people and the saving the environment. When buying at the Biomarket, you can be certain that the products are healthy, safe and clean. Here you would find all you need for both daily purchases and for a gift. Do something good for your own health and for those you love – use eco products!


BIRGIT store offers products from leading cosmetics manufacturers in Western Europe and from fledgling Eastern European (Latvian, Estonian etc.) companies.
We offer:
• natural bath and sauna products with essential oils and plant extracts
• hand-made soaps, bath salt balls (Cleopatra baths) etc.
• body, hair and facial care products
• perfumes
In our store, you can find over 1200 cosmetic products for the beauty of your face, body and hair.
On Saturdays, a professional perfumer works in the store, who creates not only trendy perfumes, but also your personal aroma that nobody else has!
Be part of the mysterious and miraculous, joyful and harmonic process of beauty that certainly finds a response in your soul. Create your own fragrance!

Black Star Wear

Black Star Wear is a Russian streetwear brand, spun off by the Black Star music brand in 2010.

We offer a wide assortment of clothes for men, women, youth and children, as well as bags and various accessories. Besides the main range, we have special collections of artists of the Black Star label (Timati, MOT, Slame and others).


Boft is a vending machine that prints polaroid-sized images from Instagram or directly from your phone. Come and print cool pictures or best memories from your own, your friend’s, acquaintance’s or your idol’s Instagram account from your phone via WiFi/Bluetooth.

BonBon Lingerie

BonBon Lingerie is a true Estonian lingerie brand! In our boutique, every woman will find lingerie that is sweet and girly, yet seductive and sexy. Deluxe bras, panties, stockings, slips and accessories can be found on our counters.
There will also be surprises for men and children!

Bosse Pet Shop

Bosse Pet Shop offers a wide selection of the best pet products: foods, sweets, toys, nests, cages, collars and leashes, care supplies, and all the other great stuff you need for your furry or feathery friends!

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