Apollo Bookstore

Apollo is the largest bookstore chain in Estonia. In addition to the main product of books, you can find films, music, board games and digital games in our bookstores.
A lot of fun is also offered to craft enthusiasts, and certainly at Apollo, you will find all the necessary school supplies.
The bookstore is open Monday-Sunday 10:00-21:00.
Apollo customer support
phone: 6336020
Monday-Sunday 9:00-17:00

Bosse Pet Shop

Bosse Pet Shop offers a wide selection of the best pet products: foods, sweets, toys, nests, cages, collars and leashes, care supplies, and all the other great stuff you need for your furry or feathery friends!


Charlot/Knopka is the largest retailer of school and office supplies in Estonia.


Brazilian brand labellamafia brings unique and outstanding high quality fitness and leisure time clothing to European people. Labellamafia is known all over the world and represented in more than 80 countries globally.
Labellamafia products are unique because of their bright and special design. Its products bring more excitement to people who once in a while enjoy running, group training or gym, as well as active athletes who work out daily basis.
Everyone can find something from our product line that makes them smile and feel special.
Labellamafia – it is more than a brand, it’s lifestyle.


MATKaSPORT provides support for outdoor trips throughout the year, by offering equipment to all who move around in nature.

Our product range includes tents, sleeping bags, mats, backpacks and wheel bags, clothes, shoes, waterproof bags, rubber boats, camping kitchens and grills, camping watches and more.


Established in 1971, Nike is the world’s leading manufacturer of sports gear, running shoes and sportswear and casual wear. Nike’s official representative in the Baltics is AS Jalajälg, which deals with the company’s wholesale, and also owns the Nike’s flagship chain stores.

Nike’s flagship store in Ülemiste Centre offers you the best selection of shoes and clothes for training, running and leisure activities.




In Pearl Shop, you can find everything you need for handicraft and art. The store has a very wide range of handicraft supplies, art and office supplies, and craft supplies.

We offer a very wide range of beads, pearls and jewellery supplies, and you can find everything you need for knitting, crocheting, embroidery and sewing.

Among the art supplies, we offer very many different art colours, colour additives, brushes, canvases and art papers.

Regarding craft supplies, we offer everything you need for clay work, napkin technique, soap making, candle making, binding, for making cards, boxes and albums.

PetCity pet center

PetCity is the best option for the pet and its owner. PetCity Ülemiste pet
center offers boarding and daycare, grooming and best veterinarian help
for your furry friend. You will also find a large pet store.


The Rademar store in Ülemiste Centre offers a good selection of products for sports and active leisure activities for the whole family.

World-famous and quality sports brands are represented in the store. You will always feel good in the large and spacious store.

Professional and friendly staff are happy to assist you.


Sportland is an international retail chain that sells the best sports and leisure goods in the world. The Sportland mission is to make the lives of young people more interesting, better and more emotional through the products and services offered by Sportland. Sportland is the only sports retail chain in all three Baltic countries. The Sportland product range is characterised by the most up-to-date sports and leisure products of the world’s best brands.

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