Barber Shop MRoom Mens´ Hairdresser

M Room is a fully-fledged service for men. No reservation needed. Our unique service concept includes all men’s care services ranging from hairdressing and shaving to relaxing M Extra treatments.

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The wheel parks next to the main entrance of Ülemiste Centre and by the Suur-Sõjamäe entrance, have universal nozzle bicycle pumps, which are suitable for pumping bicycle, children’s pushchair and wheelchair tyres.


Boft is a vending machine that prints polaroid-sized images from Instagram or directly from your phone. Come and print cool pictures or best memories from your own, your friend’s, acquaintance’s or your idol’s Instagram account from your phone via WiFi/Bluetooth.

Clean Control

Clocksmith, goldsmith

Sale and repair of watches, table and wall clocks. Battery replacement, sale of watchbands. Gold and silver jewellery repair. Pearl knotting.
Goldsmith service hours: Tue-Fri 10:00-18:00

D Päike Tanning Salon

D päike tanning salon
D päike is a unique and modern tanning concept which offers a healthy, safe, beautiful and long-lasting Mediterranean tan. In addition to a beautiful healthy tan you will get the much needed amount of d-vitamin for your body. Every day we are focused on offering the best professional tanning experience as a whole! Our consultants are certified and well-rounded in guiding you through your tanning experience as well as in chosing the correct tanning products. We have the world’s best quality tanning equipment which represent innovative UV technology, exclusive design and all contemporary conveniences and solutions. Our professional tanning and skincare products (Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, California Tan, TanTowel) sold at our salons will help you achieve a perfect long-lasting tan.
In D päike salons Päike and Päikesekiir client cards can also be used.
Come tanning, warm and healthy d sun lives at our salon!


You can buy Ülemiste Centre gift cards and get information about the stores at the information desk. The information desk will store lost-and-found items, and you can also charge your mobile phone here.


Here you can send and receive postal items.
More information available at


New technology – best quality!

Opening our new dry-cleaning in 2019, we have fully renewed equipment by purchasing full set of machines from one of the best makers – Italian company Renzacci. All equipment conforms to highest standards of quality. Modern equipment ensures faster, better and delicate cleaning of clothes.

We can offer both regular perc-solvent cleaning for most difficult stains and new eco-friendly technology of hydrocarbon cleaning for delicate fabrics also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Besides clothes we clean all kind of textile-based goods (curtains, tablecloths, blankets, etc.), carpets, special sport footwear including ski boots and skates, motorcycle clothing and helmets. We also do laundry and ironing.

E -R 8.30 – 21.00
L -P 10.00 -21.00


Services offered: shoemaker services, key cutting, making seals and stamps, battery replacement, sale and exchange of watchbands, sale of Zippo lighters, sale of Victorinox quality pocketknives, sale of belts for men and women and wallets, sale of shoe care products.

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