The Danish watch and jewellery brand BERING is inspired by archetypal and minimalist design.
Watches are made of durable materials such as sapphire glass and ceramics that provide
a very long lifespan. The jewellery collections have been designed with a unique system of rings, where a simple turning method has the ability to replace intermediate rings with new ones, creating a suitable combination.


The jewellery store Diamande has been operating in the Estonian market since 1994. We offer gold and silver jewellery and products from semi-precious stones. All products – from the simplest to the most exclusive – are always of high quality.

Our favourable prices come as a pleasant surprise to you, thanks to direct contact with the manufacturer. We offer you jewellery that is right for you from the following brands: Juveel, Sokolov, Alfa-Karat, Akimov, Art-Neva and Friedrich.


Endless Jewelry has been designed to be fun, festive and elegant. The essence of Endless Jewelry’s colourful DNA is to be always creative, elegant, playful, joyful and easy to combine. The collection of colourful leather bracelets, with a wide selection of unique amulets, allows you to bring out your individuality, mingle with the hordes, or stand out from the crowd. Your colours, your choices.


Expressions is the largest jewellery brand in Estonia, with 16 jewellery stores across Estonia. The Expressions product range includes the biggest selection of trendy fashion jewellery in Estonia. The brand also offers a wide range of hair ornaments, hair extensions, scarves, watches and other fashion accessories.


The Goldsmith jewelry store with more than 20 years of experience in the Estonian market offers a wide range of jewelry from classic to original luxury jewelry.

The GOLDSMITH jewelry store in Ülemiste shopping center offers jewelry for every taste, from silver to gold jewelry from such brands as Giloy, Bella Luce, Rosato, Karatov, Yana Nesper, and Breuning.

High-quality jewelry for kids and for men.
A wide range of wedding rings.
Jewelry with diamonds from large to small sizes.

Jewelry for every day and special occasions or gifts.

Qualified and experienced consultants, an individual approach to the customers and a full range of services offered:
-Gold exchange – quick and profitable.
-A TAX FREE service.

We are waiting for you in the Goldsmith jewelry store on the second floor of Ülemiste shopping center, opposite Vapiano restaurant.


Goldtime is the largest and leading jewellery and watch retail chain in Estonia.

Our product range includes gold, silver and fashion jewellery, and watches from a variety of well-known brands.

We offer our customers the best selection of jewellery and watches available, always being responsible in our activities.

In our store you can join the Goldtime loyalty programme, which allows you to enjoy many additional benefits and price discounts.
Gold time gift cards of different values are also available – 10€, 25€, 50€ and 100€.
Goldtime makes you shine!


GRENARDI, one of the largest jewellery stores in the Baltics, offers a wide range of jewellery products from classic to original luxury jewellery.

The GRENARDI jewellery store in Ülemiste Centre offers jewellery for every taste: from silver jewellery to jewellery from well-known brands such as GIORGIO VISCONTI, MAYUMI, FACCO and the GRENARDI jewellery collection of LILLY SPRING, designed for the needs of our customers. The children’s jewellery line KIDOU is represented by a wide range of products. Experienced consultants will help you choose jewellery for everyday wear as well as for special occasions and gifts.

The GRENARDI brand has been made famous by its original design and high quality products, individual approach to customers and a complete package of services offered.
There is also a TAX FREE service in the lounge.

H&A Accessories

H&A Accessories stores offer a wide range of interesting and trendy accessories. In addition to a colourful jewellery section, our store also offers handbags, wallets, belts, scarves, sunglasses, watches and many other accessories that can be combined with your outfit. The H&A Accessories team is convinced that a woman can never have too much jewellery. This is why we are trying to offer our customer the widest choice of jewellery possible. It is important for us that everyone who wants to buy interesting and trendy accessories can get them from the same store. The H&A Accessories team is always there for their customers and helps them choose the right accessories and combine the right colours.


The Jahonts store offers you a wide range of gold and silver jewellery, jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and tableware. When purchasing products for over 50 euros, you will become the owner of a loyalty card, which will give you the opportunity to also receive complementary discounts during a campaign.

Kuldan Premium

Kuldan Luxury is the largest company in the Baltics that sells certified diamond and precious stones and offers Europe’s best prices. We have been operating in the Estonian jewellery market for more than 15 years. The Kuldan Luxury jewellery stores offer a rich selection of luxurious and prestigious jewels for every taste and style, both for daily wear and for the most beautiful moments in life. We bring you the best designs from Italy, France, Belgium and Russia. We have a unique selection of jewellery from the main international exhibitions and renowned jewellery houses, and most importantly, all for the best prices in Estonia.

We are the best known brand in the Baltics that sells certified high-quality diamonds. We sell diamonds of every carat, purity and colour. One of the most important keys to our success are certified diamonds that meet the highest quality standards of jewellery and are titled and honoured by international laboratories, such as the American Institute of Gemmology and the International Institute of Gemmology. Diamond jewellery: This is not just a stunning or elegant gift, an indicator of impeccable taste or a high status symbol – this is also a smart financial investment. When you make a purchase from the Kuldan Luxury jewellery store, you can be sure that your jewellery is either the trendiest or latest model of the season, or a wonderful classic.

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