BIRGIT store offers products from leading cosmetics manufacturers in Western Europe and from fledgling Eastern European (Latvian, Estonian etc.) companies.
We offer:
• natural bath and sauna products with essential oils and plant extracts
• hand-made soaps, bath salt balls (Cleopatra baths) etc.
• body, hair and facial care products
• perfumes
In our store, you can find over 1200 cosmetic products for the beauty of your face, body and hair.
On Saturdays, a professional perfumer works in the store, who creates not only trendy perfumes, but also your personal aroma that nobody else has!
Be part of the mysterious and miraculous, joyful and harmonic process of beauty that certainly finds a response in your soul. Create your own fragrance!

Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde is an Italian family-owned company that has been producing natural cosmetics for over 40 years. Palazzo Massaini in Toscana is Bottega Verde’s birthplace and home, with red grapes and olives, lavender and oats grown in sunny fields for the most popular product lines throughout the years. All plant extracts are separated on site during a natural process to maintain their active properties.
Bottega Verde offers a range of products for face, body, hair and foot care, bath experience, makeup and nail care, for men and babies, abundant gift sets for Christmas. Products reach our store directly from the manufacturer, at prices that anyone can afford.


Eesti Optik

Eesti Optik is the oldest domestic optician company, which owns 19 stores all over Estonia. We offer a wide selection of glass frames, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other optics products from the world’s best manufacturers in this field. Our stores have state-of-the-art technology to check your eyesight and prescribe glasses. Together with our opticians and customer service representatives, you will find the best glass frames for you. Our employees have undergone special training and have the necessary expertise to consider the specifics of glasses and the fashion preferences and lifestyle of each customer.

Thanks to long-term co-operation with Europe’s largest glass manufacturers, we are able to offer products of world-renowned brands. We import many brands, including the following brands of the French company Look Vision – Le Ducat, New Man, Xenith, Le Tanneur, Crobs. We offer optics products from major companies, which include well-known brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Pierre Cardin, Lacoste, Calvin Klein and others. In addition to this, we are the official representative of the Mexx brand in Estonia. Our product range includes high-tech glasses that provide the best viewing experience.


I.L.U. knows your most secret desires and has created its selection according to your needs.
It is easy to find your favourite brands here and discover new pleasant surprises from well-known and beloved brands across the world.
We offer products for everyday use as well as elitist luxury for women and men. The I.L.U. experience is made perfect by professional and pleasantly discrete beauty consultants who will help in finding the perfect products for you.

The store also features the BeautyBay Hair Studio where professional hairdressers and hair stylists offer their services every day.


Our INSTRUMENTARIUM eyewear store offers you suitable glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. Your eyesight will be checked and your glasses will be prescribed by an optician and an ophthalmologist. You will be welcomed by friendly staff and quality products. Loyalty card owners get a 10% discount on all optical products at full price and the eye examination.


L’Occitane en Provence is a French cosmetics brand that in addition to body and hair care products, also offers perfumes, candles and room scents. The brand was created in 1976. In their products, L’Occitane uses the most valuable natural assets: essential oils and natural ingredients.


Since the creation of Lush 21 years ago, the LUSH Cosmetics brand has considered the most important innovation and work ethics. LUSH creates, produces and sells fresh handmade breakthrough beauty products, such as fizzy bath bombs, shower jellies, dry shampoos and toothpaste tabs. LUSH places emphasis on fresh ingredients such as organic fruits and vegetables. Being strongly against animal testing, the Lush Prize with an annual prize fund of £250 million, which recognises politicians, lobbyists, researchers, scientists aiming to end animal testing, was launched (in collaboration with the Ethical Consumer Organisation) in 2012.

The LUSH company has an extensive department of ethical consumption, which supports the initiatives of fair trade and community consumption. LUSH is also one of the leaders of the cosmetics industry in the fight against over-packaging, by organising awareness campaigns, and designing products that can be sold to customers “naked” or without packaging. LUSH was awarded the RSPCA Good Business Award in 2006 and 2007, the PETA Trailblazer Award for Animal Welfare in 2006 and “the Business of the Year” International Fund for Animal Welfare Award in 2010.

Mark and Mo Constantin, co-founders of the company, were awarded the British Empire Order of Merit in the cosmetics industry in 2010.

LUSH currently has 930 stores around the world, operating in 49 countries.



NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup from sunny Los Angeles is the fastest growing cosmetics brand in the world that offers high-quality and professional make-up products at affordable prices. The brand’s products are of exceptionally high quality and superb pigment, which has made NYX Professional Makeup the global leader in the colour cosmetics industry.

Since we offer classic, seasonal and trendy products, NYX Professional Makeup is a true must-have for both beauty lovers and professional makeup artists.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop believes that true beauty comes from the heart. To be beautiful means to feel good and do good. Our products are made with love and care. Working with small communities around the world, we rely on ethical principles of Fair Trade, we take care of the welfare of our partners, and in return, we get the cleanest and high-quality raw materials. The Body Shop stands for the welfare of human rights and the natural environment. We do not test our products on animals, and we believe that each of us can make the world a better place. When visiting our stores around the world, your choice is always “Beauty with Heart!”

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