Brain Games


Brain Games (former Ludo Board Game Store) offers the widest selection of board games in Estonia. Our goal is to promote the board game culture in Estonia and offer great moments filled with board games and good company!
Our product range includes board and card games, classic games, outdoor and skill games, puzzle makers, poker equipment and much more to excite young and adult gamers. One special feature of Brain Games stores is that there are many open game specimens available in the store, and that they can therefore be played on-the-go and be taken home.

Play! Think! Enjoy!



Every parent wants to offer the best for their child.
Therefore, the design and production processes of all Britton products have the highest priority in terms of safety, comfort, innovation and new trends.
The Britton product range offers you almost everything you need for your baby’s safe and happy life.


Imaginarium – the most beautiful toy store in the world?
Imaginarium is so much more!
It is the most specialized chain of toy stores in the world with 340 outlets in 30 countries and offers education, entertainment and the highest quality and safety guarantees for parents and children.
Society Imaginarium, S.A. was founded on October 7, 1992 and its founders were professionals with extensive experience in toys and trade. Félix Tena Comadrán, the current President of the Society, has chaired it since its inception.
Right from the start, we at Imaginarium have set ourselves two main goals:
First, make sure your kids have more and better fun.
Second, and not least, to promote the development and learning of children of better quality.
As a result, our company strategy has been based on values that significantly differentiate us from our competitors and provide great value to our customers (or “guests” as we like to call them).
Educational value
Entertaining value
Without gender discrimination
No aggressive content
In addition, Imaginarium products have been awarded the Itsmagical Warranty, which certifies the teaching of values to children – both educational and social – and forms an exclusive collection that is updated twice a year.
In this way, our company laid the groundwork for the development of a whole new concept of a specialized, expert-led store, as well as a new, efficient product placement concept that maximizes all technology applicable to retail needs.

Kidz One

Kidz One store offers everything you need for babies, toddlers and their parents. The store offers baby products, clothes, everything you need for your pregnancy, and toys for toddlers.


We are waiting for all children from near and far to come and play. Lennumaa has the largest complex of playground slides, a runway for cars, a shooting range, nice climbing areas and much more fun that will definitely make you happy.
Tickets starting at 3.50 euros. You do not need to call in advance or book a time to visit and have fun. Just come and play! We are open every day from 10:00 to 21:00.

For your birthday, you can book: a room with a park, airship or submarine theme today! For more information about party rooms, contact us at


Mothercare store offers a complete range of products for pregnant women, mothers who have just given birth and children up to ten years of age. You can come shopping with the whole family – you can move around the store with a baby stroller, there is also a children’s play corner and a mother-and-child room.


Okaidi is a French global brand of children’s clothing and footwear. Okaidi offers authentic and trendy fashion for children aged 0-14 years old, combining high-quality products with affordable prices. Okaidi is unique and personal and brings out the best of children: spontaneity, enthusiasm, simplicity and joy of life. The Obaibi brand collections for boys and girls aged 0-3 years old, and the Okaidi brand collections for ages 3-14, are represented in the store. Great emphasis is placed on the safety of garments. There are several natural cotton collections available. The store offers its customers personal service and makes sure that both big and small visitors feel equally looked after in the store.

Polarn O. Pyret

We are a Swedish childrenswear brand that makes clothes designed to be loved, washed and worn. Clothes that children proudly wear to birthday parties and happily play in at the park. And that can be handed down to the next child…and the next. We call this design that lasts. Come and visit us at Polarn O. Pyret in Ülemiste!


Sterntaler is a highly acclaimed German brand established in 1965. The Sterntaler main product range consists of accessories for children, toddlers and adolescents, and baby items. Sterntaler product range includes extremely high-quality and functional hats, scarves, gloves, socks and tights for every colour and taste. Sterntaler baby toys have won a variety of quality awards and have gained recognition worldwide in more than 50 countries.

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