Since the creation of Lush 21 years ago, the LUSH Cosmetics brand has considered the most important innovation and work ethics. LUSH creates, produces and sells fresh handmade breakthrough beauty products, such as fizzy bath bombs, shower jellies, dry shampoos and toothpaste tabs. LUSH places emphasis on fresh ingredients such as organic fruits and vegetables. Being strongly against animal testing, the Lush Prize with an annual prize fund of £250 million, which recognises politicians, lobbyists, researchers, scientists aiming to end animal testing, was launched (in collaboration with the Ethical Consumer Organisation) in 2012.

The LUSH company has an extensive department of ethical consumption, which supports the initiatives of fair trade and community consumption. LUSH is also one of the leaders of the cosmetics industry in the fight against over-packaging, by organising awareness campaigns, and designing products that can be sold to customers “naked” or without packaging. LUSH was awarded the RSPCA Good Business Award in 2006 and 2007, the PETA Trailblazer Award for Animal Welfare in 2006 and “the Business of the Year” International Fund for Animal Welfare Award in 2010.

Mark and Mo Constantin, co-founders of the company, were awarded the British Empire Order of Merit in the cosmetics industry in 2010.

LUSH currently has 930 stores around the world, operating in 49 countries.



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