Eesti Optik

Eesti Optik is the oldest domestic optician company, which owns 19 stores all over Estonia. We offer a wide selection of glass frames, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other optics products from the world’s best manufacturers in this field. Our stores have state-of-the-art technology to check your eyesight and prescribe glasses. Together with our opticians and customer service representatives, you will find the best glass frames for you. Our employees have undergone special training and have the necessary expertise to consider the specifics of glasses and the fashion preferences and lifestyle of each customer.

Thanks to long-term co-operation with Europe’s largest glass manufacturers, we are able to offer products of world-renowned brands. We import many brands, including the following brands of the French company Look Vision – Le Ducat, New Man, Xenith, Le Tanneur, Crobs. We offer optics products from major companies, which include well-known brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Pierre Cardin, Lacoste, Calvin Klein and others. In addition to this, we are the official representative of the Mexx brand in Estonia. Our product range includes high-tech glasses that provide the best viewing experience.

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