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  • 1,050 are marked parking spaces (in front and behind the mall) allowed from 8.00 till 01.00

  • 650 spaces in a five-level parking garage (entrance from Suur-Sõjamäe) open from 08.00 till 01.00 On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level parking is free for 4 hours.

    Undergroung parking is free for 4 hours and open from 08.00 till 01.00

  • Families enjoy larger specially marked parking spaces in front of the mall

  • Handicapped parking spots in the parking garage and in front of the mall

  • Disabled-accessible taxi/bus parking space in front

  • Carpooling parking spaces in front and in the parking garage (marked with the letter S).

  • Charging stations for electrical cars are located in all levels of the parking garage (power outlets for the charger) and there are two quick chargers in the outdoor parking lot by the Neste unmanned filling station.

  • Bicycle parking areas for about 100 bikes (in front and by the Suur-Sõjamäe entrance)

  • Digital public transport schedules by the entrances on the main level
    Train, bus and tram stops near the mall


  • The carpooling parking spaces are marked with the letter S.

  • Carpool is an environmentally friendly solution that’s widespread around the world. A car owner offers a lift to pedestrians coming to or going from Ülemiste Centre in the same direction.

  • Two or more people share one car to get from point A to point B. Save time and costs, and help reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Read more about Ülemiste Centre carpooling here and join the Ülemiste carpooling programme on the Ülemiste Sõbrasõiduga FB lehel.

    – Download the carpooling app Wisemile.


  • Digital mall directories

  • Coat check (next to information desk)

  • Lockers (service provided by the coat check)

  • Shopping carts (1€ /2€ coin deposit, redeemed after cart is returned)

  • WiFi throughout the mall

  • Tablet computers for use in rest areas

  • Mobile telephone chargers (at information desk)

  • Rest areas with the different themes – Stone, Water and Flower (main level)



    Right near the Euronics store. An ice cream café and Mrs Waffle are next door.
    The area has tables and couches for sitting and resting.
    There are tablet computers and WiFi.


    Next to the Chopsticks restaurant. Coffee In café and Algida ice cream café are next door as well. Tables and couches for sitting and resting. Tablet computers and WiFi available.


    Features a slide tube – a big kids’ favourite!
    Tables and chairs for sitting, and a small café, Coffeeline, right next to it.


  • Strollers on loan (from the coat check, free of charge)

  • Slide tube – a big kids’ favourite (in the Flower rest area, free of charge)

  • Children’s playground (in front of the mall outside the front entrance, free)

  • Big children’s play world, Lennumaa, and birthday party facilities (2nd floor of the shopping centre next to the Lido restaurant. Fee charged for the service)

  • Mother and baby area (2nd floor of the mall, near the WCs by Lido). Microwave oven for use, couches, nursing area)

  • Diaper (nappy) changing rooms (1st and 2nd floor, next to the WCs).


Ülemiste Centre has joined a programme that certifies venues for accessibility.
The universal access label puts value on environments that are open and accessible to all. Creating better accessibility is an ongoing process and even small improvements are a step toward better access. We are trying to show goodwill and set a positive example.

For persons with a hearing impairment, the information desk has a special hearing loop available to help them communicate with the information worker. For persons with a visual impairment, the centre has special textured flooring which passes through the whole centre.

Ülemiste features:

  • Wheelchairs on loan (from the coat check, free of charge)

  • Touchscreen mall directories (near the entrances on the ground floor)

  • Handicapped WC

  • Handicapped parking spaces


– Itella parcel machine (Suur-Sõjamäe atrium, 1st floor)
– Omniva parcel machine (next to Suur-Sõjamäe entrance, outside)
– Jewellers/goldsmiths/watch repair
– Dry cleaning
– Currency exchange
– Minor repairs to clothing and sewing service
– ATMs

Swedbank ATMs are located next to Swedbank office and SEB ATMs are located next to SEB office. Nordea /Danske Bank ATM is located near Swedbank. Second Nordea /Danske Bank ATM and LHV Bank ATMs are located near the parking house gallery on the 1st floor near Suur-Sõjamäe exit.
– Photo booth (Suur-Sõjamäe atrium, 1st floor. A fee is charged for the service
– Packaging return and used clothing container (behind the mall by the Jazz car wash)
– Jazz car wash (by Suur-Sõjamäe parking lot entrance).

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